Homero Castaneda-Lopez
Professor, Texas A&M University, USA
Castaneda-Lopez received his Ph.D. in materials science and engineering from Penn State University. He is the director of the National Corrosion and Reliability Center of Texas A&M.
• Ph.D. Materials Science and Eng., Penn State University, University Park, PA (1997-2001)
• M.S. Materials Science (Honors), National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM (1995-1997)
• B.S. Chemical Metallurgical Engineering (Honors), National Autonomous University of Mexico, UNAM (1990-1994)
• Cathodic Protection
• Protective Coatings
• Corrosion Mechanisms
• Batteries

Hidenori Hamada
Professor, Kyushu University, Japan
Hidenori Hamada is Professor of Department of Civil and Structural Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Kyushu University. His BS is from Kyushu University in 1984, his MS from Kyushu University in 1986 and his Doctor of Engineering is from Kyushu University in 1998. He spent 20 years (1886-2005) in Governmental Research Institute, as Research Engineer, Senior Research Engineer, Chief of Materials Laboratory, Head of Materials Division in Port and Airport Research Institute (PARI), Independent Administrative Institution, Japan. During this career, he spent one year (1992-1993) in The University of Sheffield, England, U.K. as a Visiting Researcher under Prof. R. N. Swamy. He started his academic career in Kyushu University, as Associate Professor in 2006, and Professor in 2009. His main research area has been corrosion and corrosion prevention of RC and PC structures. Recently, he is studying sea water utilization in concrete production, as mixing water and curing water. He is fellow of JSCE (Japan Society of Civil Engineer), JCI (Japan Concrete Institute), and member of JSMS (Japanese Society of Materials Science) and JSCE (Japan Society of Corrosion Engineering).

Se Don Choo
Executive Vice President, POSCO, Korea
• 1992: KAIST, Mat Sci. & Eng (Ph. D)
• 1986: KAIST, Mat Sci. & Eng (MS)
• 1984: Seoul National University, Metallurgy (BS)
• 2019.1~ : Head of Steel Solution Research Lab.
• 2018.1~2019.1: Head of Steel Solution Marketing Office, POSCO
• 2016.9~2018.1: Head of Steel Business Division Energy and Shipbuilding Materials Marketing Office.
• 2016.2~2016.9: Head of Pohang Research Lab, POSCO
• 2015.3~2016.2: Head of Gwangyang Research Lab (S.V. P)
• 2011.3~2015.3: Gr. Leader, Gwangyang Research Lab
• 2009.3~2011.3: Gr. Leader, Technical Planning Dep.
• 2003.3~2009.3: Leader, Plate Design Team, Marketing Div.
• 1993.12~2003.3: Researcher, POSLAB
• 2014: Technical Award, the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials
• 2013: Technical Innovation Award, POSCO
• 2012: Technical Creative Award, POSCO
• 2007: Prize awarded by Minister, Korean Government